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Lush Bubble Bars 2018

Create Your Own "God Is a Woman" Bath Situation With These New Bars From Lush

Lush Bubble Bars 2018
Image Source: Lush

When did bathwater get so sexy? From Ariana Grande lying in a marbled lavender milk bath in the "God Is a Woman" video to endless bath-bomb porn on Instagram, tubs have never looked so gorgeous. The latter, however, is in large part due to one brand: Lush.

Now, you can literally paint your bathwater. While bombs are meant to be plopped in to fizzle out, Lush's new Bubble Brushes ($8) will have you singing, "When all is said and done, you believe God is a bubble brush." (Too much? Moving on . . . )

The brushes come in three scents — Candy, Lemon, and Mint — and are basically the ingredients of a bath bomb displayed on a biodegradable wooden stick, allowing you to leave seductive love notes like "Stop playing Fortnite" and "Bed early?" or to paint your own masterpiece — whatever floats your bath. Like all Lush products, each brush is uniquely fragranced. Additionally, Lush is launching a bubble blower, similar to those you probably had as a wee child, called I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles ($9). It's made of wood and is 100 percent sustainable, as is the Pink Petitgrain Bubble Spinner ($9), which generates bubbles when held under the tap.

Keep reading to see the Bubble Brushes and Bubble Spinner in action and plan your next night in.

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