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Makeup Tips For Blind Women

This Is How Blind Women Apply Makeup With Ease

Most of us rely on high-definition mirrors and our keen eyesight to put on makeup in the morning, but could you put your face on in the dark? That's exactly what the vision impaired must learn to do. In Sacramento, CA, esthetician Judith Woodworth is helping blind women apply cosmetics with confidence, giving these ladies a renewed sense of independence. With the right technique, these women apply eyeliner and foundation and even curl their lashes without the use of sight. In the video below, chef Christine Ha, who is blind, shares her tried-and-true method for daily makeup application for those with eyesight issues (and yes, glasses count).

  1. Powder works best: When it comes to blush, eye shadow, and foundation, opt for powder over cream formulas. Powder is easier to buff into the skin and blend. Ha uses a large kabuki brush to buff the product across the face.
  2. Skip liquid liner: Even women with 20/20 vision have trouble using liquid liner, so pencil is the best option for the vision impaired. Use your fingers to find the inner corner of your eye, and work outward from there.
  3. Count out your strokes: Both Ha and Woodworth recommend counting out your strokes to ensure you've covered the entire face with product.
  4. Keep it simple: Neutral tones are the best option when you're just starting out. Use the help of department clerks to find complementary shades of pink, brown, and beige in the beauty aisle.
  5. Check your ingredients: You want to be cautious with the products you're putting on your face (especially around the eyes). So look for natural and hypoallergenic brands of mascara, eyeliner, and makeup remover.
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