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A Manicure That Will Last on Vacation

POPSUGAR / paid for by / Revlon®

Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Joel Barhamand

Seeking a manicure that really lasts? We partnered with Revlon® to take the #GelEnvyChallenge on the hunt for a nail polish that holds up.

As Summer winds down, I have been clinging to any last moments of fun in the sun. The best way to do that? An action-packed beach vacation with my girls consisting of long days in the sand and surf. Along with packing all the essentials, I have a few other rituals before traveling: getting a new book and giving myself a mani-pedi. Having gorgeous nails for a trip doesn't just make me feel good — it also adds a colorful touch to my vacation photos (note: these are not my actual vacation photos since I didn't have a professional photographer tagging along). But finding a nail polish that lasts from the airport to the beach and back? It's easier said and done. I decided to take Revlon's Gel Envy Challenge to see how my tips and toes would hold up over an active vacay. Here's how it all played out.

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