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Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Camomile and Lavender Review

Mario Badescu's New Lavender Face Spray Will Help You Chill the F*ck Out

Walk around the POPSUGAR offices and you'll see a pretty pink spray bottle on numerous editors' desks. (Seriously: myself, Kirbie Johnson, and Brinton Parker definitely all have it out, 365 days a year.) This is the cult-favorite Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Herb and Rosewater. My desk even has two bottles — a pink and a green, the latter being the Aloe, Cucumber, and Green Tea version. Many brands make these types of refreshing face mists, but Mario Badescu's has always been a standout thanks to its light formula, subtle soothing scents, and nice price point (a 4.0 oz bottle costs just $7).

So when I heard the spa brand was launching a brand-new version for 2018, I was pretty jazzed. Introducing the Mario Badescu Facial Spray Aloe, Camomile, and Lavender ($5-$12), available exclusively at Ulta (online and in stores) mid December. I got my hands on an early sample, and it's as heavenly as it sounds. First all of, the bottle is a gorgeous lavender color — perfect for your Instagram #shelfie.

The actual formula smells delightful. Beauty Editor Kristina Rodulfo describes it as reminiscent of herbal tea, whereas it reminds me of standing in the fields of Provence, France. Like other MB sprays, it offers hydration every time you mist thanks to aloe vera. Antioxidant Vitamin C is also in the mix to offer skin-brightening benefits. What I love most about this iteration is its calming effects due to the scents of lavender essential oil and chamomile. Both are known to relax the mind — something we could all use amid stressful holiday shopping and party season.

Use it before makeup or moisturizer, on top of makeup to set it, or any time you just feel dry. I apply it during long flights for my face and body. It can also be used to clean makeup brushes and dampen blending sponges. Sometimes I even spray the ends of my hair in tandem with dry shampoo when I don't feel like washing it.

Stay tuned for the exact launch date as we confirm it with the brand!

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Maria del Rio
Product Credit: American Apparel Bodysuit
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