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Mio Skincare Review

The Skin Care Line That Helped Me Fake a Beach Bod

When it comes to wrinkles, pimples, and dark spots, I have a seek-and-destroy policy. But with bikini season on the horizon, it's time to step back from the magnifying mirror and take a long look in the floor-length version. Stretch marks, dark spots, wrinkles, bumps . . . not good for frolicking on the beach in my bikini (and yes, I will be frolicking).

Over the last few months I've amped up my diet and workout routine to shed a few pounds, but my skin is also in need of serious revitalization. I'm now on a strict Mio Skincare regimen. The line, which launched earlier this year, is an offshoot of the beloved Mamma Mio brand that targets expectant mothers. My thinking: if it's good enough to cure stretch marks on the bellies of new moms, my thighs should be an easy assignment.

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