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Nap-Proof Mascara Review

I Put 10 Mascaras to the Nap Test So That You Don't Have To

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Let's be frank: I love sleeping. I never pulled a true all-nighter during college because my bed always lured me to sweet slumber by around 1 a.m., even during finals week. On current weekends, you can usually find me enjoying a snooze in the sun — sometimes more than once in a day. But throughout my life, I've always encountered the same frustrating problem: I can never find a mascara that won't make a mess all over my pillow or leave me with limp lashes.

While it's important to remove your makeup before going to sleep at night, sometimes you just wanted to pass out between Sunday brunch and your Game of Thrones viewing party that evening. If you, too, are guilty of falling asleep with your lashes done, then you're in luck. I put 10 popular mascara formulas to the test in search of the ultimate nap-proof wand.

Based on the flakes and smudges left on my face, stains on my pillowcase, and overall postnap appearance, I've given each of these mascaras a rating out of five stars. A surprising number of my choices were ideal shut-eye material! Keep reading, and you just might find a product that will help you be a true sleeping beauty.

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