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Oribe Makeup Skin Care Body Care Hot Tool Hair Accessories

Exclusive! Oribe Is Launching Makeup, Skin Care, Hot Tools, and Hair Accessories

Oribe Makeup Skin Care Body Care Hot Tool Hair Accessories
Image Source: Paige Campbell Linden

As a blowout addict, I'm constantly asking different stylists which products they love; and everyone seems to agree on one thing: when it comes to hair-styling products, Oribe trumps. I dare you to find me a better texture-enhancing spray than the original Oribe one, which instantly fluffs hair while giving it a cool-girl tousle. On top of that, the products smell like sweet-musky perfume. In fact, the scent has been so popular that Oribe launched fragrances and a candle.

On July 1, Oribe is taking its innovative technology and undeniably luxe aesthetic and branching into five brand-new categories: makeup, skin care, body care, hair-styling tools, and hair accessories. Oribe cofounder and president Daniel Kaner told me that they always envisioned the brand going beyond hair, describing it as "an exotic pro shop."

When asked how long the label has had this in the works, Kaner responded: "That's the million-dollar question. It's been years in the making. We only launch a product once it has met our standard. Our packaging is all custom, which adds considerable time to the project. The brushes are made in Italy and the hair dryer is completely custom, which we have been testing in our salon community for a long time."

Speaking of the packaging, Kaner said it was influenced by the hair care bottles but customized with a twist. "The mother of pearl makeup is exotic and tailored, and at the same time it pushes boundaries ever so slightly," he described. "The designs have the look and feel of faceted crystal. The shapes are reminiscent of the timeless elegance of perfume bottles. We used 'exotic goods' as the code word for the project. There's a sense of beauty and a hint of masculinity."

As a first tester of this major launch, I can confirm that the products live up to the hype. Ladylike lipsticks are creamy and lasting. The skin and body care are absolutely decadent, incorporating the cult Cote d'Azur fragrance. And the hair accessories will make you never want to reach for a plain ole rubber band again.

Keep reading to get a first look at all of the products before they launch. And learn from the pros who created them why each is so special!

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