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Sephora Summer Beauty Routine

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Looking for new beauty products to try this Summer? We've partnered with Sephora to share buzzworthy products recommended by the Beauty Insider Community.

As the old saying goes, breaking up is hard to do — especially for beauty lovers. It's not that we don't like experimenting with new products or buzzy launches, it's just that something magical happens when you find a holy grail product. The stars align, a light bulb flicks on; it's one of those a-ha, "Where have you been all my life?" type moments. Because of this, we beauty girls keep the same products in our routines for the long haul — five, 10, even 20-plus years.

When it comes to my personal beauty lineup, I've gone through so many jars of the same moisturizer and hit pan on so many of the same powders, I've lost count. But recently, I was browsing through Sephora's online community — the megaretailer's forum where beauty lovers can chat, connect, and share their favorite products — and couldn't help but be intrigued by everything they were buzzing about. Now seemed like the perfect time to give my tried-and-true favorites a much-deserved Summer break.

Summertime is all about keeping things fresh, so I put my trust in the community members and let them overhaul my seasonal routine. From skincare saviors to an eyeshadow palette that took me outside my comfort zone, keep scrolling to see five products they helped me discover.

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