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Shailene Woodley's Hair on Big Little Lies Season 2

Is It Just Me, or Did Shailene Woodley's Hair on Big Little Lies Miss the Mark?

Don't get me wrong, the women of Big Little Lies are strong, special, and incredibly beautiful — each in her own way. But watching the premiere episode of the second season last night, I couldn't help but feel incredibly puzzled by Jane Chapman's (Shailene Woodley's character) hair, which, BTW, looked nothing like it did at the red carpet premiere.

While I don't love the single-processed, flat black color, nor the fact that her bangs look like Ziggy cut them with his safety scissors, that's not the thing that bothered me most about her hair. It's that it distracted me from the show itself. This character is clearly going through a lot, so why put so much emphasis on a drastic (and, in my opinion, less than flattering) hairstyle?

Watching Jane dance on the beach to Sufjan Stevens's "Mystery of Love" — especially compared to the fourth episode from the first season set to Martha Wainwright's "Bloody Motherf*cking Assh*le," — should be a poignant moment. Instead, all I could think about were her bangs. And I'm not alone. Twitter had a lot to say about Jane's hair on Sunday night.

While I appreciate that Jane did something to her hair (it's a common television tool used to signify a big change and even the start of a new season), I just don't think this was the right something. Time will tell if her new hairstyle means more than we know — and given the amount of buzz it's creating, I really hope it does.

Image Source: HBO
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