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Squiggle Eyebrow Instagram Trend

This New Instagram Brow Trend Makes You Look Like a Glam Dr. Seuss Character

A post shared by Promise Tamang (@promisetamang) on

If Dr. Seuss were a beauty influencer in 2017, he would no doubt be on the forefront of squiggle brows, a new trend that's shimmied its way onto our Instagram feeds. While this wavy look is anything but natural, it is chic, innovative, and only temporary. That means even commitment-phobes can get in on squiggle brows and try out the trend for a night. We recommend that night be Halloween, because squiggle brows would amp up any Cindy Lou Who costume.

We reached out to Promise Tamang, a vlogger who recently sported the look on Instagram. Promise told POPSUGAR that she wanted to try squiggle brows after seeing a photo of someone who had photoshopped the style into a picture.

She began by using (Beyoncé-approved) washable Elmer's Glue to "flatten" her brow hair "all in one direction." Then Promise used Make Up For Ever's Full Coverage Concealer ($34) to hide her hair. She followed that step with setting and pressed powders to fully erase any hint of her real brows.

When it came time to draw the wavy eyebrows, Promise applied the whimsical sweep with a black gel liner that had been mixed with brow pomade. While we love how Promise applied this look to her entire brows, we've seen others look just as fierce by only making their ends squiggle.

While we go buy Elmer's Glue in bulk from our local craft store, you can read on for more squiggle looks.

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