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Summer Hair Hack For Smoothing Frizz

This Genius Hack For Smoothing Flyaways Is the Only Thing You Need to Know This Summer

Summer Hair Hack For Smoothing Frizz
Image Source: Getty / RUNSTUDIO

Lip balm — yes, lip balm — might be the key to getting your most snatched ponytail. The tiny beauty product that rescues dry lips during the Winter is one celebrity hairstylist's go-to for keeping slicked-back ponies, well, slicked back.

"Lip balm can tame flyaways on a day-to-night slicked-back ponytail," said hairstylist and Moroccanoil brand ambassador Bryce Scarlett. "Use a disposable mascara wand to comb it in to hair neatly." The stuff can also be applied directly from the tube and matted down with your fingers.

"A basic lip balm is made from cannula wax," cosmetic chemist Ginger King previously told POPSUGAR. (It's the added oils and ceramides in it that moisturize and coddle lips), so it makes sense that the lip product doubles as a hairstyling product, though it may not be the most long-lasting. A benefit of using a lip balm for your hair is its portable size. It fits snugly in even the tiniest purses.

If you're looking for an Ariana Grande-grade ponytail or are just looking to smooth any flyaways, try a lip balm. After all, you might already have one floating around in your purse. Check out some of our favorites ahead.

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