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Switching to Red Lipstick

POPSUGAR / paid for by / Revlon®

Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Joel Barhamand

Red lipstick makes a serious statement. We partnered with Revlon® to show you how incorporating Super Lustrous™ Love Is On Lipstick into your everyday life is transformative and yields big results.

I must have over 100 lipstick tubes stashed in my bathroom, on my dresser, in several purses, and in my desk drawer. Every single one of them is a flattering-but-neutral pink, sheer berry, or nude. It's not that I don't like red lipstick. As someone who's worked in the beauty industry for well over a decade, I've drooled over crimson lips on the red carpet, at fashion shows, and even on my peers. As someone with access to leading makeup artists and a bounty of products, you'd think I would have found at least one red lipstick bullet that looked great on me. But I never did — until now.

Revlon's Love Is On Lipstick is universally flattering. I took that as a challenge. When I tried it on, I finally got it: red lipstick is a game changer. If you've ever wished you could be a red lipstick girl but felt it was too bold, it was too high maintenance, or you couldn't pull it off, do me a favor: try it. And read on to see how the right tube may be your new lucky charm.

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