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Tarte Summer Sale July 2018

Every Single Tarte Product Is on Sale Right Now Because Miracles Happen

You may have thought that after Memorial Day and July 4, there wasn't much else to look forward to this Summer. Luckily, you would be wrong — at least if Tarte has anything to do with it.

The cosmetics brand is kicking off its huge Family and Friends Sale from July 29 through Aug. 3, when you can get everything on the website — and we do mean everything — for 25 percent off your entire purchase. (Loyalty members get to knock off an extra 10 percent, too.) All you have to do is enter promo code "BESTIES" at checkout to save big. Of course, like all good things, there's one caveat: Tarte's bestselling Shape Tape products will only be available the first day. Then again, that is all the more incentive to get this very important shopping done early.

Image Source: Courtesy of brand
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