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The Things Guys Say About Hair

17 Hair Complaints That Guys Meant to Be Compliments

Below is an excerpt from "The 17 Most Ridiculous Things Guys Have Said About My Hair," which originally appeared on MIMI. Read the full story here.

I really, really love my hair. I get it, it's just dead cells, but I can't pretend it's not important to me. I care for it, I nourish it, I primp it — it's basically my pet. My oft-repeated and embarrassing mantra is always, "My hair is my source of power." And, I truly think it is, purely due to how much care, time, and love my strands are imbued with. In an ideal world I would flout the patriarchal constraints placed on how a woman's hair must look to be considered societally beautiful, but I can't deny the fact that I adore being blonde and I love having long hair (and that doesn't make me a bad feminist — but more on that later).

Due to the fact that my hair is just that — what society views as conventionally desirable — I've gotten a lot of interesting responses to my strands from all different types of men over the years. Some have been boyfriends, some have been just friends (well, mostly . . . ), and some have been strange men on the street who feel like they are somehow entitled to have an opinion about my body because I'm a woman who dares to exist in public ( . . . sigh). Either way, I'm usually either extremely amused or moderately confused, so I've catalogued some of the best responses I've gotten for your reading pleasure here.


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