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Topshop Chameleon Glow Eye Shadow Review

Yes, You Can Wear Ultra-Iridescent Eye Shadow

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Confession: I'm one of those trite, stereotypical girls who is attracted to anything that sparkles. I must have all the shiny things! My life motto? "When in doubt, throw some glitter on it." So it may come as no surprise that, like a moth attracted to the flashiest flame, I was instantly agog in breathless wonderment the moment I saw Topshop's new Chameleon Glow eye shadows.

These shade-shifting shadows are a part of Topshop's Ibiza Grunge Collection for Summer, which nods to the blazing spirit of music festivals for its inspiration. But beyond these hues being admittedly rad for the vibrant festival gal, they reminded me of another kind of being entirely: mermaids! The highly reflective quality calls to mind fish scales and, therefore, have effectively made all my childhood Ariel fantasies come to life (in a more age-appropriate way, of course). Or perhaps the opalescent effect is more similar to butterfly wings. Or maybe an oil slick? In any case, these pigments flash a full prism of colors that's positively mesmerizing. In fact, they're so bewitching that I haven't been able to take my mind off them since I first laid lustful eyes on the trifecta at a press event months and months ago, and I've been hounding the Topshop team for them ever since.

Check out the three duochromatic shades below. (And believe you me that these images do not do the colors justice! They're a product that you have to see in person to truly appreciate.)

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