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Unicorn Cosmetics Halloween Makeup Brushes

These Color-Changing Halloween Makeup Brushes Are Powered by Witchcraft

Lovers of All Hallows' Eve, get ready to spend the whole season applying your makeup with actual witchcraft. Unicorn Cosmetics is releasing color-changing makeup brushes ($47), and we nearly fell off our broomsticks when we saw them.

The five-set piece comes with an angled powder brush, a dome-shaped blusher brush, a triangle foundation and contour brush, an eye shadow brush, and a blending eye shadow brush. They're all packed into a faux-leather coffin case to let your brushes rest in peace, complete with bone zipper detailing. The handles are unicorn shaped, changing between orange and black to create a spellbinding Halloween effect.

The heat-sensitive and spookalicious brushes are vegan, available for preorder now. Orders will be dispatched on Friday the 13th, fitting for a spooky delivery.

If you still can't get enough of the Halloween theme, why not clean your ghoulish brushes with Skull-tacular Brush Cleaner ($20)? It's pumpkin scented, of course!

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