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Vanessa Hudgens Beauty Interview 2017

Vanessa Hudgens on Having Individual Style: "I Feel Like I Do Me"

Vanessa Hudgens Beauty Interview 2017
Image Source: Courtesy of EcoTools

While Vanessa Hudgens may have gotten her name out there for being a Disney star, she's now recognized (at least in the beauty world) for having badass boho style. The gorgeous brunette takes risks on the red carpet — be it a whimsical braided updo with flowers or an extreme graphic cat eye. And she's definitely one of the most notable celebrities at any given music festival, thanks to a ton of glitter. Just mere days after she was seen living her best life at Coachella, we sat down with Vanessa to talk about her partnership with the EcoTools accessory brand and how her individual style is a perfect fit for the new campaign.

The #MyTrueBeauty campaign focuses on women building up one another and celebrating real beauty, which really speaks to the star. While Vanessa expresses her personality and radiating confidence levels through makeup and accessories, she wants her fans to do the same — well, she wants them "to just do them."

"I feel like I do me and I want everyone else to do them," Vanessa said passionately. "Looks are such a fun way of expressing yourself and contributing to how you want people to see you. It's almost the foundation of how you want to be treated. If you respect yourself, other people will respect you too." Her ability to be so naturally authentic is admirable, especially during a time when we're constantly comparing ourselves to others on social media. But Vanessa sees right through all the nonsense, and we give her serious props for that.

Keep reading to see all the incredibly inspirational things Vanessa had to say about the EcoTools campaign, her love for glitter, and why she thinks social media is "just completely a facade."

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