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What's in a Beauty Editor's Bag?

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Touch-up powder, spare cotton swabs, and a minimum of eight lipsticks at all times — these are just a few of the things you'll find systematically tucked away in a beauty editor's bag. I can personally confirm this is true. Whether I'm slinging my favorite oversize carryall over my shoulder, opting for my tiny crossbody logo bag, or even sporting a canvas tote (a favorite among New Yorkers), there are just some essentials I won't leave the house without. But beyond the obvious and a handful of secret, soon-to-be-released launches, there are some things you may not expect . . . or even know about at all!

Because part of a beauty editor's job description is to make your lives easier by sharing knowledge and best-kept secrets, I have a few of my own to let you in on. Keep reading to see three genius, life-changing beauty discoveries I've made — and fit in all of my bags! Best of all, one is included in this Summer's Must Have box, so you're already one step ahead of the game.