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What Are the Best Pink Lipsticks?

12 Pink Lipsticks That Every Woman Should Own

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So, you've already found your perfect red lipstick . . . and have bought several backup tubes, in addition to deeper crimson shades and vampy burgundies. But have you found the best pink pout hue yet? As many reds as there are out there, it seems that the options for pink are far more varying (and confusing), making it challenging to pick your ideal color. You can buy a lip product in mauve-rose tints to neon fuchsias and every tone in between!

Thankfully, one Reddit user related so strongly to this plight that she compiled a lipstick spreadsheet of fellow Redditors' favorite hues, pink included. In anticipation of Valentine's Day, we've combed through the colors and picked our favorites, then we scoured the review sections on Sephora, Ulta, and more beauty retailers to grab quotes from the products' biggest fans — you! Read on to shop the best shades.

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