Why Is Everyone Suddenly Talking About Airbrush Eyebrows?

Between the over-tweezed brows of the '90s to the fluffed up arches circa 2010, the brow category has certainly come a long way. Pencils, powders, pomades, and gels are handy for creating your desired eyebrow style at home, but everything from microblading to brow lamination to extensions have proven that professional in-salon services are equally as well-loved.

One such brow service that's on the up and up? Airbrush eyebrows. The technique has been bumping in popularity ever since it went TikTok-viral earlier this year. And with more and more brow fanatics longing for a quick, simple, budget-friendly, and painless treatment that allows for more versatility, airbrush brows may be a trend that gives some of today's most coveted eyebrow services a run for their money. Here's everything you need to know about the buzzy technique.

What Are Airbrush Eyebrows?

"Airbrush eyebrows is a growing application tinting technique where a finely-controlled mist of dye is sprayed directly onto the eyebrows," says Melanie Marris, celebrity brow stylist and founder of Brow Code. "The precision of the airbrush ensures evenly-colored, beautifully defined eyebrows with clean, crisp lines and subtle gradient effects." Aside from how natural and smooth airbrush makes the brows appear, the airbrush technique also allows for layering, making it ideal for achieving your desired color, shape, and intensity.

Airbrush eyebrows may sound similar to the ombre brow trend, but the two have some big differences when it comes to application and staying power. "Airbrush brows involve using a small airbrushing device to spray semi-permanent dye over the brows, creating a soft, natural-looking fill," says Marris. Ombre brows, on the other hand, is a form of semi-permanent makeup typically achieved through microblading or micropigmentation, where pigment is implanted into the skin using a gradient approach, resulting in a much more long-lasting style.

How Do Airbrush Eyebrows Work?

First, your artist will clean the area of any debris or leftover makeup as well as areas around the brows. "From there we'll look at the facial anatomy to determine the shape of the brows," says Donna Shelly, certified aesthetician and brow stylist of Dovink Brows. "After finding the perfect shape with the mapping technique, we'll draw the brows out (also known as pre-draw) and move on to securing the brow tape that best fits the pre-draw."

When it comes to brow shape, Shelly notes that it's a collaboration with both client and artist. "Thickness is mostly a preference, but is guided by the artist to make sure the brows flow with the facial features," she says. The same applies to color and saturation — while color is also client preference with some guidance from the artist, Shelly says that typically it should match the color of the brow hairs. Shades can be mixed and matched, too — for instance, Brow Code's Professional Stain Hybrid Brow Dye can be used to create up to 755 color variations.

After preparing the area, the stain is mixed and ready to be sprayed. "We begin airbrushing from the tail to the front of the brows, layering the stain two to three times until it reaches the desired saturation," says Marris. Then, the brow tape is gently removed and the area around the brows is wiped down to remove any tint stains that might have been sprayed outside the borders. To round out the service, your artist will trim uneven hair, wax strays, and style and define the brows with concealer for a crisp, clean look.

What Are the Benefits of Airbrush Eyebrows?

Airbrush eyebrows last up to 10 days on the skin and six weeks on the brow hairs. While this is significantly less than a service like microblading, which can last between one to three years, the temporary, no-commitment aspect to the service may be appealing to those who like to switch up their look often.

Another pro is that the service itself is fairly quick (and can even be done on your lunch break). "The airbrush technique significantly speeds up application, enabling even coverage while decreasing service time," says Marris. From start to finish, the process ranges from 30 to 45 minutes (whereas semi-permanent services like microblading can take up to two hours). "The time may vary if hair removal or a full brow map and sculpt are required to achieve the desired look," says Marris.

Finally, the airbrush machine delivers a controlled and precise application of dye, ensuring crisper lines and enhanced definition for your brows, Marris. "This method allows for a level of accuracy that traditional brow techniques can sometimes struggle to achieve."

Who Should Get Airbrush Eyebrows?

Airbrush brows are ideal for those looking to achieve a full, voluminous brow with depth of color and precise definition. Unless you have limited to no brow hairs, all brow densities (from thin to thick) can benefit from this service. According to Marris, the airbrush method does use more product and requires a steady hand, so be sure to look for an artist with adequate training.