How to Airbrush Your Face Like an Instagram-Famous Makeup Artist

Instagram | jadeywadey180

No matter how experienced we get with the hottest new makeup techniques like contouring, sandbagging, and strobing, there's always been one skill that has eluded us: airbrushing.

Last year, professional airbrushing brand Temptu released the Air, a cordless handheld device designed for both artists and amateurs. To use it, you snap makeup-filled pods into the small, chargeable tool, then mist the color over your face. It's simple, completely brilliant . . . and a little scary. What if we mess up? How do we know if we're using the right shade?

Determined to add another beauty skill to our résumés, we consulted the gorgeous, talented makeup artist and blogger JadeyWadey180, also known as Jade Marie Baird, for advice. Not only does she have more than 737,000 followers ogling her makeup masterpieces on Instagram, but she's also an expert at using airbrush technology and frequently applies it on brides. Read on: Jade spilled the top mistakes people make when using airbrush at home. We've paired her tips with before-and-afters of her airbrush clients to get you motivated to master the technique!


Spraying too closely to the face

You may be under the impression that the closer you get the nozzle to your skin, the more concentrated and pigmented the application will be. Not true!

"If you're spraying it too close, the makeup is just going to drip off," Jade explained. Think of an airbrush makeup device like a bottle of hair spray: spritz from a distance, and the product will mist out perfectly over your canvas. Spraying from just a few centimeters away will give you a wet, sticky mess.

"The trick I use is taking my hand and holding the device at least five fingers away from my face," she told us. "That will be your marker, so that when you do spray, it will spray evenly onto the skin for a perfect application."


Using powder

Most artists set liquid-based foundations with a light dusting of powder. However, with airbrush makeup, that isn't the case. "You want to let it dry — you don't even want to touch it with any form of brush," Jade said. Using a brush or sponge on the finished look before it's dried will smudge and smear it.

The Temptu foundation was designed to be longwear, eliminating the need for setting sprays or powders. It was also created using Silksphere technology, which primes, conceals, and corrects skin tones with one formula — meaning you don't have to use heavy concealers or color correct before using your Temptu Air.


Selecting the wrong shade

Surprisingly enough, Jade doesn't recommend picking a shade that closely mimics your face's natural color. "When most people tan or spray tan, they tend to avoid their face," she revealed. "I always spray onto the neck and match there." This way, you won't look like you have a pale face floating on top of a bronzed body.


Spraying it straight on

No matter what airbrush product you're applying to the skin, you should not spray it on using straight lines. This could create streaks or harsh lines. "Work in circular motions upwards, toward the hairline," Jade said. "That gives a flawless finish to the skin."


Believing mistakes are hard to correct

If you happen to overapply your blush or bronzer over standard foundation, you likely have to wipe off your makeup and start from scratch. Happily, this isn't the case with an airbrush device — the mist is buildable. "If you put too much bronzer on, you can always go over it a little bit with the foundation to soften it out and fix it," Jade explained.


Feeling intimidated by an airbrush device

"Whenever I bring up airbrush makeup to people, they get really nervous, but it's not scary!" Jade insisted. She believes that it's a great option for beginners who are looking to gain experience using cosmetics, including teenagers trying makeup for the first time. "You just spray it on and then you're ready to go. It's not gonna give you cake face — your skin will still peek through."