11 Stunning Portraits That Showcase the Ethereal Beauty of Albinism

The Israel-based photographer Yulia Taits has always wanted to work on a project featuring people with albinism, a genetic condition that reduces pigment in skin, hair, and eyes. "Their unique beauty hypnotizes me," she confessed on her Facebook page. "This beauty is so pure and amazing for me, as if it was taken from fantasies and fairy tale legends."

She finally got her wish when she created her stunning Porcelain Beauty series, for which she worked with models with albinism. Though Taits ordinarily edits her final images in Photoshop, she left these photos untouched. "All of the photographs were taken in white tones with no additional coloring," she explained. Instead, you'll notice that after a few minutes of gazing upon these images, white has multiple tints and hues within it. "I'm excited to prove that white is not just one color!" she shared.

See for yourself when you keep reading and view all the breathtaking images from Taits's portrait series.