Ana de Armas Transforms Into Marilyn Monroe in a Mesmerizing Time-Lapse Video

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Netflix's new fictionalized historical drama about Marilyn Monroe, "Blonde," is now available to stream. The film stars Ana de Armas as Monroe, and if you've already seen it — or even just the early promotional material — you know the actor was completely transformed with hair and makeup for the role.

Tina Roesler Kerwin, the movie's makeup department head, and Jaime Leigh McIntosh, the hair department head, were responsible for the magic that happened off camera, which involved a bald cap, five wigs, forehead prosthetics, and lots of makeup. The extensive process had de Armas in the hair and makeup chair for hours every morning before filming could begin, evident by the time-lapse video that Netflix shared on YouTube on Sept. 30.

In the mesmerizing 51-second clip, we get to see de Armas become Monroe right before our eyes. She enjoys a cup of coffee, looks at her phone, and even eats a piece of avocado toast as Kerwin and McIntosh buzz around her, slicking back her hair, putting on a bald cap, adhering various silicone pieces to her skin, and meticulously applying makeup. At the end, de Armas is a spitting image of the "blond bombshell" herself.

Watch the full video above.