Ariana Grande Serves Up Brigitte Bardot Vibes in a Sneak Peek of Her Next Music Video

Ariana Grande has been conquering the world while wearing her signature ponytail and cat eye, but it seems like she'll channel another famous beauty icon in an upcoming video: Brigitte Bardot. The singer has been teasing her upcoming "Boyfriend" track on Instagram, including some beauty looks from what might be an upcoming video (she's teased those looks in the past).

In the photos, Grande can be seen with a teased crown instead of the usually sleek ponytails she's known for, as well as a flat headband. She also has two pieces of hair framing her face and sticking out from the style, which looks a lot like how the '60s actress used to style her hair. However, Grande made the look her own by pairing it with lilac eye shadow and white almond-shaped nails.

Check out both Grande's and Bardot's iconic looks ahead.

Ariana Grande's Brigitte Bardot Hairstyle

Brigitte Bardot's Iconic Beauty Look
Getty | Bettmann

Brigitte Bardot's Iconic Beauty Look