Ariana Grande Is Teaching Us Self-Care During the Holidays With This 1 Tip

Ariana Grande is a busy woman. She's dropping singles, breaking records, making legendary music videos — and looking good while doing it. As crazy packed as Grande's schedule appears to be, the reigning queen of pop still manages to do one important thing: self-care. The singer posted a photo of herself wearing a face mask to Instagram with the caption, "gift wrapping, face masking, bringing back photo booth and counting down to Imagine hby," proving that she still has time to pamper herself and practice good skin care. A quick peruse of her feed will show you other photos of her taking a well-deserved break, playing with her dogs, staying well-hydrated, and lounging on her bed. We can all take a lesson from the star that regardless of our hectic schedules, taking care of ourselves should be top priority. After all, we have the name number of hours in a day as Beyoncé.