Ashley Benson's Shaggy "Clavicle Lob" Haircut Comes With Golden Waves of Confidence

Someone call Cara Delevingne, because Ashley Benson has a sexy new lob haircut and her look is fierce.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday, the Pretty Little Liars star revealed her chic and shaggy lob, styled by hairstylist Marc Mena, captioning the photo, "Chop, chop." The "Clavicle Lob," as Mena called it, takes the classic lob and adds a twist of layered extensions that complement Benson's natural golden hair color and take the style to a level all its own. Benson went on to show off her romantic new 'do in her Insta stories, and the look came complete with layered waves that practically radiate confidence. Are you swooning yet?

The lob — aka a longer bob — has become almost as classic as the bob because "it gives women such incredible versatility," said Mark Townsend, hairstylist to the stars and Dove brand ambassador. "[But] lately, we're seeing a slightly longer lob — two to three inches below the collarbone. You're able to do so many different hairstyles with this length, and there is enough hair that you can still pull off a really great ponytail."

Keep reading to see Benson's playful new look from all angles.