The Personal Meanings Behind Ashley Tisdale's Tiny Tattoos

  • Ashley Tisdale has nine known tattoos so far.
  • Some designs are words or phrases, while others are symbols.
  • Each tattoo has a special meaning, from her daughter's name to a tribute to her late pet.

Any one of Ashley Tisdale's 14.4 million Instagram followers likely knows something about her tattoos. She may have launched her career with Disney Channel's popular show "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" and the "High School Musical" film trilogy, but these days, the actor, singer, clothing line director, make-up line creator, television panelist, and mother is also a cool girl on Instagram.

Whenever she gets a new tattoo, Tisdale tends to post behind-the-scenes shots or an announcement thanking the artist. However, between sweet family portraits, selfies with her daughter or friend Vanessa Hudgens (or both), and interior shots of her home, Tisdale's fashion and beauty selfies offer keen-eyed fans glimpses at her older tattoos.

Our sleuthing revealed Tisdale has nine known tattoos so far, or clusters of tattoos. She tends to favor single English words or names, simple phrases in non-English languages, and minimal celestial images. Most, but not all, of Tisdale's ink is on her arms, and despite her affinity for long sleeves, she has never been shy about the meaning behind the words she chooses.

While some of her tattoos may seem self-explanatory to any Tisdale fan, we've rounded up each of her tattoos and the personal meanings behind her choices.

Ashley Tisdale's Neck Tattoo

Tisdale's most recent tattoo is her daughter's name "Jupiter" on her neck, which she got when she was eight months old.

Ashley Tisdale's Maui Tattoo

Tisdale has the word "Maui" in red ink on her left forearm. This is a tribute to her dog who passed away a week before she got this tattoo. Her husband also got a memorial tattoo — a paw print — in the same session.

Ashley Tisdale's Butterfly Tattoo

Breaking from the word trend, Tisdale has a butterfly tattoo on her right bicep. When she debuted the tattoo on Instagram, the caption merely read, "Transformation."

Ashley Tisdale's Celestial Tattoo

Tisdale has given no information about the meaning behind the delicate celestial tattoo running down her right forearm. Like many of Tisdale's tattoos, it was done by her favorite tattoo shop, Bang Bang Tattoo in New York City.

Ashley Tisdale's Foot Tattoo
Getty | Noel Vasquez

Ashley Tisdale's Foot Tattoo

During New York Fashion Week in 2011, Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens got tattoos together. Hudgens opted for the 'om' symbol across both of her hands, while Tisdale got the French phrase "jamais seule" on her foot. This translates as "never alone."

Ashley Tisdale's Infinity Tattoo
Getty | JB Lacroix

Ashley Tisdale's Infinity Tattoo

Tisdale has an infinity loop on her left wrist. She has not spoken about the meaning behind this tattoo, but it often symbolizes one's limitlessness.

Ashley Tisdale's Back Tattoo
Getty | JB Lacroix

Ashley Tisdale's Back Tattoo

Tisdale's back tattoo spells out the word "Believe," something her mother used to say to her often. Her mother even accompanied her to the session. Two small stars complete the design.

Ashley Tisdale's Sanskrit Tattoo

Sanskrit words run along the outside of Tisdale's left forearm, which translate to mean, "everything happens for a reason."

Ashley Tisdale's Wrist Tattoos

Ashley Tisdale's Wrist Tattoos

Tisdale's right wrist bears an angel wing with the word "Fearless" written in it. The simple star was added later and supposedly commemorated her more recent achievements at the time.