11 Asymmetrical Bob Ideas That Will Take Your Short Haircut to the Next Level

While looking for your Summer haircut, you might have scrolled past the countless examples of classic bobs and shag haircuts on your favorite celebrities, but have you ever considered trying an asymmetrical bob haircut?

We tapped hairstylists Devin Toth and Irinel de León to take us through the look. "A classic asymmetrical bob has a shorter side and a longer side," Toth said. It can be worn with any part, but shifting your part to one side can make the difference in length between the two sides even more dramatic.

Toth described one simple — and sneaky — way to take the look into 2019. "The modern take on this style is to have a perfectly balanced, even, and blunt bob and then tuck one side behind the ear," he said. "When it's behind the ear, it will visually look shorter and asymmetrical." De León mentioned that this is also one great way to wear the look if you have more textured, coarser hair.

Ahead, see examples of and tips on how to wear the asymmetrical bob.

Asymmetrical Blunt Bob

This asymmetrical bob was adorned with one of this year's biggest hairstyle trends: chunky hair accessories.

Add body to your hairstyle with the help of a curling wand and some texture spray.

We love this braided, side-parted asymmetrical blunt bob.

Bebe Rexha's hairstyle was pinned back with a hair accessory by Kitsch.

"For a more structured approach, you can pin the side back to tame it down," Toth said. "I recommend placing statement pins in a fun pattern, like cross hatched, to give the style some added edge. That is, after all, the whole point of the asymmetry."

This Summer, Demi Lovato went for the big chop.

These curls were parted to the side and tucked behind the ear to create the illusion of a more dramatic asymmetrical blunt bob.

An asymmetrical bob naturally falls into place with sleek, straight hair.

Add even more dimension to the haircut with vibrant highlights.

This hairstyle is dramatically longer on one side.

An asymmetrical bob haircut also works well with voluminous, curly hair.