MAC’s Newest Lip Product Will Help You Master These 3 Backstage Beauty Trends

Some secrets are meant to be kept under wraps, but in the beauty world, the rule doesn't always apply. Between clever methods to set your makeup, the most simple steps to master a cat eye, and expert tips for achieving the perfect loose curls — when there's a secret to be shared, the more who know, the merrier.

In the lip department, we've got three makeup-artist-loved trends to dish on — inspired by the most recent Fashion Week's runways — that will change the way you think of a traditional matte lipstick. Read on as we share three lip-focused looks to add to your beauty arsenal, plus how MAC's new Powder Kiss lipsticks can help you achieve them.


From hair color to eye shadow, ombré is one of the beauty industry's favorite techniques. If you haven't tried it on your lips yet, you're seriously missing out. While you might have seen ombré lips scrolling through Instagram, the looks were likely executed with harsh lip liner and contrasting tones that get lighter toward the center. The method we're suggesting is a little different.

For the most wearable take on this trend, try reversing things and starting from the inside out. Begin by applying a hydrating matte lipstick on the center of your lips, gently rubbing them together to diffuse the color. Then, use a brush (or your finger, a sponge — whatever you prefer) to fade and feather out the edges for a contoured gradient effect. It'll give you that "just ate a lollipop" look, minus the lollipop.


Think of the hazy lip look as ombré's older, more refined sister. Essentially, it's a defined matte lip with softly blurred edges — and it's a trick makeup artists have been using for years. While it still gives the appearance of a sleek matte lip, it's ever-so-slightly more subtle.

Achieving this look is simple: all you really need is the right lipstick formula. On that front, MAC's new Powder Kiss lipsticks couldn't be better suited for the task. Formulated with this exact trend in mind, they're the perfect matte texture, while also being hydrating (Bye, flakiness!), weightless, and easy to work with. After applying an opaque layer of color on your lips, simply use a small brush or cotton swab to lightly blur the formula around the edges of your lips.


Although monochrome makeup — matching lips, eyes, and face — is more of a comprehensive trend than a specific lip look, don't underestimate the importance that lips play in mastering it. Often times, your lipstick shade sets the tone for everything else.

No matter if you prefer neutral tones, shades of rosy pink, or all purple everything, the lipstick spectrum gives you endless options to experiment with. Once you choose a shade, you can even pair this trend with one of the lip trends above to create an even more dynamic look. And, if you're feeling extra adventurous (and don't want to worry about matching colors), you can use the lipstick on other areas of your face for a truly monochromatic appearance. It works and feels almost like cream blush or eyeshadow. Pro tip: For a look you'll feel comfortable wearing all day, opt for a moisturizing matte lipstick that won't dry out your lips.