Barbie Ferreira's Best Beauty Looks Include Graphic Eyeliner and a Mullet

Barbie Ferreira is fearless, both as Kat Hernandez on Euphoria and in real life when modeling and walking the red carpet. The actress never shies away from a bold beauty look, and her best hair and makeup moments have included everything from neon pink eyeliner to faux freckles.

Ferreira also likes to keep it fresh. Over the past few years, she's cut her long hair into a bob, then added some baby bangs, and finally chopped the whole thing into a daring mullet style reminiscent of the '80s. Her beauty choices are so versatile, you're bound to find a look you'll want to try out for yourself.

Ahead, find Ferreira's best beauty looks of all time.

Barbie Ferreira's Space Buns

Ferreira wore space buns in 2016, which she accessorized with small butterfly clips.

Barbie Ferreira's Pigtails

Ferreira wore her long hair in two pigtails in 2016.

Barbie Ferreira's Space Buns and Red Lips

Ferreira wore her hair in messy space buns and completed the look with a red lip and faux freckles in this selfie from 2016.

Barbie Ferreira's Long Hair
Getty | Amanda Edwards

Barbie Ferreira's Long Hair

Before she was in Euphoria, Ferreira had long hair in 2017.

Barbie Ferreira's Metallic Green Eye Shadow

In 2017, Ferreira added some bangs to her hair and made a case for metallic green eye shadow.

Barbie Ferreira's Side Bangs and Cat Eyeliner

Later in 2017, Ferreira had side bangs and wore a cat eye.

Barbie Ferreira's Smoky Eye

Ferreira mastered the brown smoky eye look in 2018.

Barbie Ferreira's Deep Side Part Bob Haircut
Getty | Rick Kern

Barbie Ferreira's Deep Side Part Bob Haircut

Starting in 2019, Ferreira switched up her beauty look even more frequently, starting with when she wore her hair in a deep side part for an event.

Barbie Ferreira's Green and Purple Eye Shadow
Getty | Gregg DeGuire

Barbie Ferreira's Green and Purple Eye Shadow

We were totally hypnotized by Ferreira's sparkling green and purple eye shadow look at the premiere of Euphoria in 2019.

Barbie Ferreira's Neon Pink Eyeliner
Getty | Emma McIntyre

Barbie Ferreira's Neon Pink Eyeliner

Ferreira's bold neon pink graphic eyeliner stole the show at the MTV Movie and TV Awards.

Barbie Ferreira's Hot Pink Eye Shadow

We couldn't wait to copy Ferreira's stained pink eye shadow look as soon as he posted it.

Barbie Ferreira's Metallic Blue Eyeliner

Ferreira experimented even more this year with colorful makeup, as seen here with a metallic blue version.

Barbie Ferreira's Mullet Haircut
Getty | Daniel Zuchnik

Barbie Ferreira's Mullet Haircut

Our jaws dropped when we saw that Ferreira was bringing back the mullet haircut during New York Fashion Week.