Bath & Body Works Is Changing Aloe Gel as We Know It

Face it — the bright green aloe gel that you get from the drugstore in a giant tub is incredibly unappealing. As if dealing with a sunburn weren't upsetting enough, now you have to rub this slimy gel all over your raw skin. Luckily, Bath & Body Works has elevated this Summer essential with a new product that's a little more enjoyable.

The Aqua Cool Aloe Lotion ($17) will make you smell amazing while hydrating, soothing, and heeling your burn. It's formulated with aloe to sooth your skin, vitamin E to protect it, and coconut oil to nourish it. The brightly colored gels come in gorgeous packaging in some of your favorite Bath & Body Works scents, including Moonlight Path and Japanese Cherry Blossom.

They're so addicting, you won't just want one. Luckily, Bath & Body Works has some great deals: when you purchase two of these gels, you get one free, and if you purchase three, you get two free. That means you can get the entire collection for just the price of four gels. Give a few as gifts, or keep them all for yourself — we won't judge.

Keep reading to see the entire rainbow of your new favorite aloe products.

Bath & Body Works Aqua Cool Aloe Lotion in Pretty as a Peach

Bath & Body Works Aqua Cool Aloe Lotion in Pretty as a Peach