Bath & Body Works's New Shower Jelly Is About to Blow Your Effing Mind

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Have you ever noticed that women who take baths seem to have all the fun? I myself am a shower kind of girl, and while the routine has its purpose, it's not particularly interesting or exciting. (The most oomph I've ever been able to add was a Bluetooth speaker.) Meanwhile, bathing beauties get bubbles, bombs, salts, and a myriad of other products that make every soak a soirée.

I'd basically resigned myself to festivity-free showers, until I was introduced to Bath & Body Works's newest product, its Bath & Shower Jelly. The formula is a brand-new one for the company and is part of its just-launched CocoShea collection. It's infused with honey and shea butter — which also gives the jelly its scent! — to condition and smooth dry skin.

While I'm always happy to add nourishing products to my cleansing lineup, the reason this innovative item made the cut is because it is freaking awesome to play with. Inside the honey-jar-like pot is a completely clear potion. Touch it and you'll be astounded by how squishy and bouncy it is, yet it doesn't leave much residue on your fingertips. Even more fascinating, you can aggressively smush and disrupt the jar's contents . . . only to have the formula slowly return to a flawless pot of gel. It'll look as if you never even touched it.

As for the cleansing aspect of the jelly, it's quite effective. It offers some serious suds, is nondrying, and leaves skin with a warm shea butter scent. More fragrances will be launching this July as part of Bath & Body Works's Poolside Pop collection, including Grapefruit Splash (a blend of grapefruit, mandarin, pear, and basil) and Pineapple Punch (which also features notes of maraschino cherry and coconut).

Keep reading to see the jelly in action, then head to your local Bath & Body Works store — or online! — to try out the CocoShea Honey Bath & Shower Jelly ($17) yourself.