I Wish My Playing With Makeup Turned Out Half as Good as Bella Hadid's Butterfly Eyeliner

Like many of us, Bella Hadid is looking for creative ways to pass the time at home and has landed on doing her makeup just for fun. But unlike me, who considers putting on some highlighter and a swipe of mascara a win these days, Hadid decided to give the butterfly eyeliner trend a try.

The butterfly liner makeup trend is all over Instagram with practically every beauty influencer trying their hand at the eye makeup look. It involves sketching a butterfly wing with liner on the outer corner of your eye — filling it in with bright eyeshadow is optional. The makeup looks that have come out of this trend are nothing short of tiny masterpieces, and clearly, Hadid was inspired.

Hadid's dramatic take on the butterfly eyeliner trend took it to a new level. Not only did her wing extend up past her eyebrow, but she also added a touch of black liner to the lower inner corner of her eye to make it a whole look. She filled it in with a splash of pink and went for a monochromatic moment with a wash of pink blush across her cheeks.

"500 days of Quarantine May 19th # made my face a canvas on one of the many days I felt completely useless ... will prob delete later," Hadid's Instagram caption read. She also disclosed that she used Dior Makeup to create the look. We have no words for this level of perfection.