7 Texture Hair Sprays to Get Blake Lively Beach Waves

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From the minute Serena van der Woodsen stepped onto the small screen back in 2007 when Gossip Girl first debuted, I was obsessed with her hair. I had never seen anything like it — Blake Lively's long blond locks weren't quite straight nor were they curly. Her mane had this look that I can only describe as extreme texture — and it's totally dreamy. So I spent years wrestling to get my thick curly strands into her just-rolled-out-of-bed-but-still-polished coif. And then I finally found the answer: beach sprays.

A beach spray is any sea-salt-based or texturizing spray. Some feel more like dry shampoos with a little extra oomph, and others really re-create that ocean-air-dried, piecey look. But all of them give you va-va-voom volume. To keep your breezy Summer hair look going all year long, I've rounded up some of my favorite texture hair sprays on the market right now. Tip: combine these spritzers with a dollop of hair oil for a perfect finish! Source: Getty / Ilya S. Savenok