4 Dermatologists You Should Absolutely Be Following on TikTok

It's never been easier to come across skin-care advice on the internet (and that's saying something). Ten years ago, if you were trying to get to the bottom of an acne flare-up or any severe skin issue, you'd have to dive deep in Reddit threads or consult a dermatologist. But of course, not everyone has access to doctors, and with Gen Z's rising interest in skin care, there's now an ever-growing community of skin-care experts and enthusiasts on the app that they use the most: TikTok.

While a physical visit to a doctor's office may not be possible for everyone, there are plenty of trusted dermatologists on TikTok sharing all kinds of handy skin-care advice with their audiences who may not have had access otherwise. These dermatologists provide information on some of the biggest skin-care trends, the buzziest products, and the most popular skin procedures, and they all share it in a digestible way that makes understanding skin care a lot less complicated. If you're looking for some dermatologists to add to your list of TikTok follows, read ahead for a few recommendations.


Dr. Muneeb Shah, @dermdoctor

Dr. Shah typically posts reaction videos to the skin-care trends that manage to take over the app, but he also frequently gives product recommendations featuring a few of our drugstore favorites.


Dr. Joyce Park, @teawithmd

If you want to get an expert's opinion on that skin-care trend you've seen all over your feed, Dr. Park is the perfect account to turn to. On top of giving her followers product recommendations and inside looks at her own routine, she often shares reaction videos to viral skin-care trends and gives her opinion on whether they're safe to follow or too risky.


Dr. Camille Howard-Verovic, @dermbeautydoc

Dr. Howard-Verovic isn't just a skin-care expert who can give useful advice on the trends that often take over the internet. Influenced by her own experience, she also founded a hair-care brand featuring products that make it easier for people wearing weaves and other protectives styles to nourish their hair underneath.


Dr. Dustin Portela, @208skindoc

If you've seen Dr. Portela on your feed as of late, it may have something to do with his most recent viral video, in which he offers up some sound advice to Tessica Brown after her unfortunate Gorilla Glue incident went viral earlier this month. But of course, not all of his skin-care tips are centered on how to remove industrial-strength adhesives from hair and skin. He typically uses his platform to react to videos of common skin treatments while also breaking down some of the biggest misconceptions in skin care in a digestible way.