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Best Dermatologists to Follow on TikTok

4 Dermatologists You Should Absolutely Be Following on TikTok


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It's never been easier to come across skin-care advice on the internet (and that's saying something). Ten years ago, if you were trying to get to the bottom of an acne flare-up or any severe skin issue, you'd have to dive deep in Reddit threads or consult a dermatologist. But of course, not everyone has access to doctors, and with Gen Z's rising interest in skin care, there's now an ever-growing community of skin-care experts and enthusiasts on the app that they use the most: TikTok.

While a physical visit to a doctor's office may not be possible for everyone, there are plenty of trusted dermatologists on TikTok sharing all kinds of handy skin-care advice with their audiences who may not have had access otherwise. These dermatologists provide information on some of the biggest skin-care trends, the buzziest products, and the most popular skin procedures, and they all share it in a digestible way that makes understanding skin care a lot less complicated. If you're looking for some dermatologists to add to your list of TikTok follows, read ahead for a few recommendations.

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