21 Sheet Masks That Will Solve Your Every Skin Care Woe

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By now, you've definitely at least seen a sheet mask if you haven't tried one. Your favorite stars have rocked the treatments in quick airplane selfies touting their fabulousness. Are they really as good as they claim? In a word: yes. The products are just one of the wonderful Korean beauty trends that have become mainstream stateside. Just slip one of the serum-infused cloths out of its packaging, apply it to your face, and go about your business. In less than the time it takes to watch an episode of Parks and Recreation, you'll see a whole new complexion that rivals that of a beauty-entourage-armed celebrity.

That said, there are so darn many of them, and benefits like "acne-clearing" or "antiaging" just aren't specific enough for us. We've made it easier by finding the best sheet masks on the market, then broke down the real-life benefits so you can get the complexion of your dreams. Whether it's treating ourselves like Tom Haverford or doing damage control on our screen-ravaged complexions, you'll find it here.

Best for: When you want to treat yourself.

If you want to feel pampered during your next Parks and Recreation binge-a-thon, why not break out a product packed with gold? Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle 24K Gold Intense Wrinkle Sheet Mask ($68 for six masks) contains real 24-karat gold, which soothes skin and provides anti-inflammatory benefits. The ingredient list also features a wide range of peptides, which make your wrinkles fade and tighten any sagging.

Best for: Malbec junkies with oily skin.

You already have delightfully rosy skin from your one glass of red each night, but you struggle to get your sebum production under control. Tony Moly Red Wine Face Mask Sheet ($8 for two masks) features extracts of your favorite "adult juice," which firms skin, while rosemary tightens and shrinks pores.

Best for: When you're severely hungover and desperately dehydrated.

You may have croaked out "water!" after a long night at the bars, but did you ever stop to think what your skin was craving the next morning? Tatcha's Luminous Deep Hydration Lifting Mask ($95 for four masks) is made of coconut biocellulose, which was originally developed to speed healing for burn victims. The fabric locks hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid and red algae deep into the dermis, plumping fine lines and nourishing your complexion.

Best for: When you're trying (and failing) to become a morning person.

We know how hard it is to restructure your sleeping cycle — and the total havoc it can wreak on your skin. Try popping on a Too Cool For School Egg Cream Sheet Mask ($24 for five masks) as soon as you wake up — the formula infuses your exhausted complexion with a dose of radiance. The microfiber cloths are packed with egg yolks and whites, so you'll smell a little like an omelet, but your skin will look so great, you won't care.

Best for: Smoothing out stress-induced wrinkles and hydrating dryness.

Snail secretion filtrate is just one of the powerful ingredients in Look Beauty's Wrinkle Reducing Sheet Mask ($10 for three masks). Though the ingredient sounds slimy, the formula is smooth and leaves dewy and taut (not sticky) skin behind.

Best for: Brightening a dull, screen-ravaged complexion.

Most sheet masks take up to 30 minutes to work their magic, but you only have to wear Patchology's Exfoliate FlashMasque ($50 for eight masks) for five minutes to see luminous, resurfaced skin. Papain and lactic acid dissolve and shed dead cells to reveal your fresh face hiding underneath.

Best for: People who frown at their computers all day.

Silly client emails, long meetings, and short deadlines have left you with battle scars — also known as scowl lines and brow furrows. Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Face Gels ($35) are specifically made for those regions of your face. Slap them on as you work, and let the extensin (which works similarly to Botox) relax your rage wrinkles away.

Best for: Someone with an at-risk chin.

If your grandma's jawline makes you yearn for the Fountain of Youth, take a deep breath and relax. The Miss Spa Hydrogel Chin Mask ($6) hooks around your ears and acts like a sling for sagging jowls, using plant extracts to firm crepiness.

Best for: Dark circles that are doing their best panda impression.

The only thing that really helps our tired peepers is a chilly eye mask, but we always put treatments in the refrigerator and forget them in our crisper drawer. The RevelationsRX Tired Eyes, Puffiness & Dark Circles Eye Mask ($14) is positively freezing right out of the box and stays frigid for 20 minutes, soothing away puffiness. Caffeine, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid brighten, firm, and smooth skin.

Best for: someone that feels more oily than a croissant.

Boscia Charcoal Pore-Minimizing Hydrogel Mask ($8) is packed with superabsorbant charcoal, which wicks up excess sebum without dehydrating your skin. The mask's black color is also a fun (and startling to roommates!) departure from the standard white.

Best for: when you want to feel like a celebrity.

Chrissy Teigen and Cate Blanchett are two of the stars who can't live without the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask ($135 for 10 masks) in their routine. The cult classic saturates your complexion with a skin-perfecting enzyme found in the sake-brewing process. Your skin will be hydrated, glowing, and smooth.

Best for: the city dweller who just can't get their complexion under control.

Smoke, smog, and pollution (not to mention an hour-long commute) can really stress out your skin. The Karuna Anti-Oxidant Treatment Mask ($28 for four masks) delivers Chinese green tea straight to your skin for free radical protection, preventing signs of aging.

Best for: someone with dull skin and a DIY obsession.

Instead of applying a mask and leaning back, the AmorePacific Refreshing Masque Set ($90 for six masks) requires a little bit of set up. Apply one of the single-use ampoules-refreshing treatment all over your face, and then smooth a sheet mask on top to seal in the product. After 15-20 minutes, you'll have glowing, hydrated skin.

Best for: someone who's considered wearing a surgical mask to hide their laugh lines.

We knew that aging came with taxes and homeowner's insurance, but we were unaware of (and not cool with) deep, marionette-esque wrinkles. Dr. Jart+ Dermask Spot Jet Laugh Line Lift ($12) targets this area with a mask that you only use on the lower half of your face. It's packed with collagen and adenosine, which stimulate cellular turnover for tighter skin, and the mask is studded with acupressure dots to promote circulation of the powerful ingredients.

Best for: someone who wants their skin to glow without wearing highlighter (or any other makeup).

The Sephora Collection Pearl Face Mask ($6) contains real white pearls, giving your complexion an incandescent luminosity. The treatment also features broccoli extract, which prevents breakouts, so you can feel free to rock that gorgeous bare face without fear of a sudden pimple cropping up.

Best for: When you want to prep your skin for a #beat face.

The coconut jelly formula of When Essence Gel Mask Makeup Base ($7) acts as an incredible pre-primer step in your beauty routine. Hyaluronic acid, ubiquinone, and ginseng extracts refresh and hydrate skin, leaving your complexion the perfect canvas for a full face of makeup.

Best for: punching signs of aging in the face.

Retinol is one of your most powerful assets in the fight against fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging. Shiseido Pure Retinol Intensive Revitalizing Mask ($63 for four masks) is packed with the stuff, and infuses liquid retinol right into your complexion. It's split into two for a more comfortable fit (and it won't slide off while you wear it. Just be sure to use this treatment at night, and wear SPF the next day — retinol makes skin ultrasensitive to sun.

Best for: the person prone to hormonal breakouts.

The key ingredient in Masqueology Anti-Blemish Masque With Tea Tree Leaf Extract ($24 for three masks) has powerful medicinal properties that kill bacteria and calm complexion flareups. Slick one of these treatments on to soothe redness and painful bumps.

Best for: someone who popped their pimples obsessively as a teen, leaving dark spots and scars behind.

Though we know we're not supposed to pick, it can be impossible to resist temptation. The Decléor Aroma White C+ Brightening Sheet Mask ($52 for five masks) delivers concentrated plant-based ingredients to brighten those marks and inhibit future hyperpigmentation of the skin.

Best for: the person who sweats bullets during designer spin classes.

Guzzle all the Evian you want post-cycle, but it won't deliver intense complexion hydration like a treatment would. Guerlain Super Aqua-Mask ($127 for six masks) uses desert rose extract to nourish dry skin.

Best for: someone who wants to detox but hates juice cleanses.

If you're not willing to sacrifice bread, cheese, and wine in the name of clearer skin, try Leaders 7 Wonders Amazonian Açaí Anti-Pollution Mask ($6) purifies a congested complexion with superfoods açaí and coconut, leaving you glowing and refreshed.

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