This Product Makes My Hair Look So Good, I Don't Need a Blow Dryer

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Summer is unequivocally the best season. It's warm, birds are chirping, you can stay out longer, and there seems to be an extra pep in everyone's step. There's only one issue: Summer means humidity, and humidity means frizz. Frizz is an issue that's plagued my hair for as long as I can remember, and I used to think it was a lost cause. My hair was, to put it kindly, unpredictable.

I am no hair guru, so my routine consisted of washing and conditioning — no masks, no other products, and definitely no hot tools. There was no rhyme or reason, but one morning I would wake up with soft waves, and the next it would be a triangle-shaped mess. Frankly, I got tired of guessing what my hair would look like each day. Armed with no real knowledge or expertise, I set out to find a product that would control my natural volume and make my hair look a little more tousled and a little less like bed head. After some searching, I found my miracle product: Bumble and Bumble's Bb. Don't Blo It Thick (H)air Styler ($31).

This is the one and only hair product that is in my makeup bag everywhere I go, without fail.

When I was dreaming of my ideal product, I wanted it to control some of my frizz but not flatten my hair. I'm partial to that undone, soft-wave look, and I needed to make sure that I would still be able to achieve that when my hair dried. The best part of this product is that it's an air styler, meaning it's meant to be used on air-dried hair. This speaks to me on a personal level; I have neither the patience nor the skill to successfully heat-style my hair.

The whole process couldn't be simpler. After you get out of the shower, you just work the cream through your hair. I massage my roots and scrunch my ends, but some people just do ends — whatever works best for you. Then you put on a face mask or get ready for work or watch TV or whatever your heart desires. When the hair dries, it's silky and frizz-free.

I don't know what kind of sorcery the scientists at Bumble and Bumble have come up with, but I'm completely devoted to them. This air styler is proof that you don't need to be an amateur hairstylist to have beautiful hair, and you don't need to spend a long time on it, either. Formulated with avocado and jojoba oil, it's ideal for keeping your tresses hydrated and smooth. Plus, there are no parabens or sulfates to weigh your hair down. I don't think too much about how my hair is going to look anymore; I just think about making sure I always have enough of this cream.