This $10 Product Will Clean Up Your Beauty Routine

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Here at POPSUGAR, we've been going through our routines, looking for ways to make our lives more environmentally friendly, and that means looking at the products we use every single day. Cotton pads have been a staple in my personal routine for as long as I can remember; I use them with toner, hydrogen peroxide, you name it. I always have a little container of cotton pads by my vanity, but now I've switched to these Reusable Makeup Remover Pads ($10).

These little reusable rounds are genius. Instead of throwing them out, just throw the used pads back into the mesh bag that they come in, and throw them in the wash. They come out clean and ready to reuse. It's such a simple, sustainable hack, you can't not pick these up. Here's to saving our planet, one makeup remover at a time.