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What Are Skin-Care Capsules?

The Best Skin-Care Capsules For Anyone Looking to Try the Single-Dose Beauty Trend

What Are Skin-Care Capsules?
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During one of your trips to the beauty store, you may have noticed a new type of product on the shelf: skin-care capsules. These tiny, individually packaged capsules are a new way to apply your products and are loaded with skin-care benefits — not to mention, they're pretty cool.

Skin-care capsules offer single doses of a product that you tear open to use. A variety of products come in capsule form, from cleansing oils to serums, and there are quite a few reasons that these encapsulated formulas are popular. For one, the microdoses are far more travel-friendly than packing an entire serum bottle in your suitcase. They're also more hygienic than jars — instead of dipping your hands into a pot over and over, you dispense the perfect amount directly onto your fingertips. You don't have to feel badly about using individually-wrapped pods because most are eco-friendly and made with biodegradable materials like seaweed. Certain ingredients that can lose their efficacy when they come into contact with sunlight and air, like vitamin C, also lend themselves to capsules.

If you're new to the world of single-dose beauty products, we rounded up a few of the best skin-care capsules to try, ahead.

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