Kylie Jenner Convinced the Better Business Bureau to Drop Her F Rating

Just a few days after Kylie Cosmetics garnered an F from the Better Business Bureau, Kylie Jenner has had the grade stricken from her record — and it seems her fans helped. "Because so many of you spoke out, I'm excited to tell you that the Better Business Bureau has looked at the facts and changed the rating," Kylie announced in an Instagram post.

Kylie Cosmetics had initially received a failing mark because the Better Business Bureau had received more than 100 complaints regarding the company's practices. Sixty-nine of these were due to "delivery issues."

"I'm sick and tired of people coming for my business," Kylie penned. "I don't want to respond to the haters but you guys deserve an answer and to know the facts." A quick visit to the Better Business Bureau's listing of her brand reveals that Kylie Cosmetics is now "not rated," but an alert has been placed on the company.

"Kylie Cosmetics currently has No Rating (NR) with Better Business Bureau," the website says. "The company previously had an F rating due to unresolved complaints, as well as a pattern of complaints regarding issues related to the delivery of orders. The company is working with BBB to resolve past complaints and to address the pattern of complaints, and has provided BBB with information about its size and operations. BBB will issue a rating when our current review is complete."

The star claims that she's "sold millions of lip kits and any complaint we've received to date has been addressed in a timely manner." But even comments on this Instagram post prove otherwise. "I haven't received any shipping confirmation for two orders I placed and its been almost a week now :/," user @sarrahkz said.

"I ordered my lip kits on 28 April and did not receive them," user @natashaghaus90 added. "Now the tracking shows that my order has gone back to kylie cosmetics and I mailed their customer service a week ago I asked for a refund and they are not replying to me they have the worst customer service."

Though Kylie Cosmetics may still have some issues to work out, there is good news! Kylie shared that she is working to lower domestic shipping costs and perhaps even offer "free shipping days." Lip Kit shoppers based in the USA pay nearly $9 in shipping, so a reduction to that fee would be quite helpful to any penny-pinching fans.