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Biden Beauty Products and Details

Here's What You Need to Know About Biden Beauty — the Most Important Brand of the Year

Biden Beauty Products and Details
Image Source: Courtesy of Biden Beauty

Anonymity doesn't often have a place in the beauty industry, but it does when you're launching a top-secret, incognito brand that's working with the extensive power of the beauty industry to get Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and running mate Kamala Harris into office. We're referring to a brand-new cosmetics company entering the market: Biden Beauty.

"Arguably, it's the most important election of our lifetime and with a standing president who wants to abolish universal healthcare, women's rights, environmental rights — not to mention 200,000+ Americans now dead from coronavirus — it's vital we take a stand," the founder of Biden Beauty (who asked to stay anonymous) told POPSUGAR.

Without a doubt the most influential new beauty brand of the year, Biden Beauty is merging beauty and politics in hopes to create real change in the 2020 presidential election. The first product to launch is the Biden Beat, a dual-sided beauty blender, but that's only the beginning. Biden Beauty is also pushing forward the message of diversity and inclusivity, while encouraging the beauty community and beyond to vote blue on Nov. 3.

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