This Dermaplane Tool Is So Precise, Removing My Peach Fuzz Is a Breeze

POPSUGAR Photography | Sarah Wasilak
POPSUGAR Photography | Sarah Wasilak
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After briefly experimenting with Dorco Tinkle razors a couple years ago, I gradually fell back into my bimonthly routine of bleaching the hair on my upper lip with Sally Hansen Extra Strength Crème Hair Bleach. Don't worry, I'm fully aware that dermaplaning doesn't cause hair to grow back thicker; however, growing up, my mother always advised me to remove as little hair as possible (I still don't shave above my knee cap). The mentality just stuck — even if there's no convincing reason behind her theory. Through the years, I've gradually experimented with other forms of hair removal, including laser hair removal for my bikini area, so there was nothing stopping me from giving dermaplaning another go.

Billie's Dermaplane Starter Kit ($12) is super affordable and beginner-friendly, and I saw lots of successful reviews on TikTok. The vibrant, two-tone colorways of the razor blade handle also felt fun and non-scary (they're giving Lisa Frank), and there are over 150 reviews online, with a 4.1-star product rating and dermatologist approval.

Keep reading to see why I was delightfully surprised when I welcomed dermaplaning back into my life — and why I won't be using any brand besides Billie to refill my blades.

About the Billie Dermaplane Starter Kit

  • It comes with one reusable handle with a slip-free grip and three refill blades, which should be replaced every two shaves.
  • It's available in three two-tone colorways: Malibu (pink and orange), WaterPark (turquoise and lavender), and Sparkle (translucent purple and clear glitter).
  • You can choose whether you want your three blades refilled for $8 every month, every two months, or every three months.
  • The starter kit comes with a pamphlet that includes an easy guide to dermaplaning for beginners, with pro tips, steps on prep and aftercare, and directions for changing blades with pictures.

What I Like About the Billie Dermaplane Starter Kit

While I only used the Billie Dermaplane Starter Kit on my 'stache to gently remove the peach fuzz on my upper lip, I think the exfoliation benefits are most noteworthy — especially for someone who forgets to exfoliate often, like me. I can see why people who trust themselves with careful precision would want to use the product on their cheeks, brows, and forehead, too. I prefer my brows messy and bushy, so while I did briefly test the blade on the area (it successfully removed the intended patch of hair I was focused on), I was most concerned with my upper lip.

While the stainless-steel blade is sharp and accurate, it features micro-guards that protect the skin, so the act of shaving doesn't feel prickly, choppy, or dangerous. The feeling of using this tool against my skin is truly as smooth as the brand attests, and I love a product that delivers on its promise.

How to Use the Billie Dermaplane Starter Kit

POPSUGAR Photography | Sarah Wasilak

The most crucial instruction to remember when it comes to dermaplaning is to shave downward. The angle and direction at which you run the blade along your skin is slightly different depending on whether you're focusing on the cheeks, brows, or upper lip. (There are detailed instructions in the pamphlet for each area.) You should start by washing your face and letting it dry fully. While some people prefer to add a light hydrating layer, like an oil or moisturizer, I left my skin completely bare. You should never dermaplane on damaged skin. Hold your skin taut while dermaplaning so the blade glides across your skin smoothly. The motion of your wrist should be short, quick, and gentle, with minimal force. As you notice buildup of hair on the blade, simply wipe it (don't wet it!) with a clean cloth. You should end the process by applying a hydrating lotion or face SPF, and avoid any further exfoliation for the next two days.

What to Consider Before Trying the Billie Dermaplane Starter Kit

Start gently and minimally when it comes to dermaplaning. You should never go over the same spot twice in one session. And if your skin is damaged in any way, dermaplaning may not be right for you, so check with your dermatologist first. Don't forget — your hair will grow back, so don't expect your peach fuzz to miraculously disappear forever. When you dermaplane, you aren't affecting the hair follicle, you're just shaving the ends of your fine vellus hairs, so hair growth time and consistency is completely unchanged. I personally don't always love the look of shaved pores on my upper lip area, so I'll probably switch back and forth between bleaching and dermaplaning moving forward. Finally, you should be careful when switching out your blade. Ensure the protective cap is secured firmly before detaching the blade from the handle, and keep the cap of the new blade intact until it clicks into place.

Where Is the Billie Dermaplane Starter Kit Available?

The Billie Dermaplane Starter Kit is available on the brand's site and from Amazon, Target, and CVS.


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