Billie Eilish Has Slime Green Roots, and Now We Want to Be a Bad Guy, Too

Billie Eilish is a master of both hauntingly beautiful hits and unique hair color choices. The "Bad Guy" singer just surprised us with a new look that is as unexpected as it is cool, just like her.

The singer posted a photo of her new neon green roots to her Instagram. and we couldn't look away from the vibrant hue. The color instantly brings to mind '90s Nickelodeon slime, which Eilish incorporated throughout the rest of her outfit. She frequently switches up her hair color, but we hope this florescent hue sticks around for a while. Neon seems to be the celebrity beauty trend of the Summer, with celebrities like Rihanna wearing it on her nails and Lizzo wearing it on her eyes.

Check out some of Eilish's previous hair colors ahead.

Billie Eilish With Gray Hair

Billie Eilish With Silver Hair

Billie Eilish With Blue Hair

Billie Eilish With Teal Hair

Billie Eilish With Neon Green Hair