This Bestselling Micellar Water Is 30% Off For Amazon Prime Day

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I've been reporting on beauty for a long time — longer than I want to admit. So I know that properly cleansing your face, patting it dry, toning it, and applying serums and moisturizers (in the correct order) are critical steps in maintaining a healthy and balanced complexion. That said, I've never looked forward to these obligatory steps, let alone those that require me to add grainy exfoliators and globby masks to the already-long routine. I suppose you could write me off as lazy, but I just don't like beauty upkeep. I'm all about good hygiene — I'm not a monster — but I struggle to find the joy in spending my time at the sink. That said, I still do it. I still wash my face and switch out my cleansers depending on the season, and I still dab the creams and dot my eyes.

But I also skip it sometimes and head to bed with immense guilt, like I've neglected to feed my dog or lock the front door. To fix this, I've spent a lot of time searching for makeup wipes that I could store near my bed, but they've all failed me, leaving me ultradry with burning eyes and blotchy skin.

But two years ago, I received a bottle of Bioderma Micellar Water ($14, originally $19), and everything changed. It's currently 30 percent off for Amazon Prime Day, but hurry, because the sale only lasts through July 12.

Micellar water has been touted as a miracle cleanser that doesn't need to be rinsed off, and while I typically use it as part of the aforementioned cleansing routine, I keep a second bottle on my bedside table for the nights when I'm just too darn lazy to do anything more than brush my teeth. On those nights, I grab the cotton rounds that I also store in my bedside table, lie down like the lethargic human I am, and wipe it all off. The makeup, the mascara, the gunk — it all comes off. And the best part is that because the solution is made for sensitive skin, it never burns my face or makes me red. It leaves me squeaky-clean.

Whether you're a proud lazy girl or an occasional loaf, I urge you to give this hack a try.