Tropical Nail Art Is All Over Instagram, and It's a Reminder That We All Need a Vacation

I may be fresh off a week-long vacation, but there's a new nail-art trend that's currently reminding me I'm in dire need of another one: tropical nail art. This manicure can be characterized by colorful designs featuring tropical plants and artwork, but one of our favorite iterations we've been seeing in the last few weeks appears to be inspired by the bird of paradise flower that is native to South Africa but has gained popularity as a houseplant in certain areas, like Los Angeles.

Nail artist Brittney Boyce first alerted us to the trend, creating a manicure inspired by the flower that's become the floral emblem of LA. Still, no matter where you live, this nail-art look is perfect for summer, as plenty of the designs feature bright and neon colors that are always at the top of our summer-nail-inspo bucket lists.

Read ahead to get a look at some of our favorite takes on the birds of paradise nail-art trend.