#TeamUnicorn Members and Mermaids Alike Need This Rainbow Highlighter

Instagram | bitter.lace.beauty

The momentum behind strobing hasn't slowed — we're still slathering our faces with shimmer — and neither has the surge of out-there, technicolor hair and makeup looks among risk-taking beauty fiends. Now the two trends are joining forces via the most incredible product ever: rainbow highlighter.

We spotted this product on Instagram, and until that very moment, rainbow highlighter was something we had no idea we needed. But we do. Desperately. And after seeing all the shots, we're sure you will too.

Unfortunately, the product is currently out of stock on the Bitter Lace Beauty Etsy page, but the brand stated on its Instagram that more are coming soon! Prism is slightly more expensive than the rest of the company's highlighters and rings in at $22, but we think that's a steal for such an unusual and incredible item! Read on to see this magical highlighter from every angle.