Blake Lively's Intricate NYC-Themed Manicure Would Make Serena van der Woodsen Smile

Spotted: Blake Lively wearing NYC nail art that would make Serena van der Woodsen proud. The former Gossip Girl actress paid tribute to the Big Apple recently with a detailed manicure that takes inspiration from the most popular sites of the city. From the Statue of Liberty to a New York Yankees cap, artist Mei Kawajiri captured Lively's favorite parts of her home.

Lively made sure to give Kawajiri credit for every "hand-painted" element of this intricate design. "No stencil. No sticker," the actress wrote on her Instagram Stories. "I can't." This level of detail definitely requires skill and expertise, plus plenty of time. We'd love to know how long Lively sat to make sure the design was just right. Check out photos of the manicure in all of its NYC glory, below.