I Tried Bliss's New Holographic Sheet Masks — and Can't Stop Taking Selfies

As an avid skincare devotee, I spend a large portion of my nightly routine dedicated to my exhaustive regimen. One frequent aspect is drenching my face in a soaking-wet sheet mask, hoping my skin will absorb the essence. While these formulas do keep my complexion looking radiant, the packaging is usually pretty boring.

Bliss has totally fixed this issue. Not only are the brand's new sheet masks good for your skin, but I actually look forward to using them because of the fun holographic patterns and star-shaped eye holes. The affordable masks come in two varieties, The Detoxifier and Hangover Fix for your skin's specific needs.

The Detoxifier mask has charcoal fibers to help purify the skin, while the Hangover Fix version is perfect for when you've had far too much to drink and your complexion needs electrolytes and probiotics.

I haven't had this much fun sheet-masking in a long time, and my face seems to love the new addition to my routine as well. Shop the masks ahead.

During the Treatement

During the Treatement

The masks are ultra-hydrating and extremely fun to use to scare your roommates.