How to Use Blush and Bronzer — at the Same Time!

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Putting on bronzer can be as complex as solving a geometry problem (hey, we're writers — our math skills can be rusty). But it doesn't have to be! We have a few easy tips to make your cheek situation simple, especially with the blush and bronzer duets below in tow.

First things first, the bronzer is what you want to use to sculpt killer cheekbones and get that sun-kissed glow, whereas the blush is all about adding color. The whole idea is to mimic a day spent outside running on the beach. While the product you pick can vary by skin tone, the technique is standard. Flushed cheeks and glowing skin can be yours in two easy steps.

  1. Start by applying your bronzer with a fluffy angled brush like the Make Up For Ever Double-Ended Sculpting Brush ($53). The best trick is to make a sour apple or fish face, then apply the product right in the crevices (sounds silly, but it works). Any excess on the brush should go underneath the jaw and along the hairline. Blend with a three-shaped stroke along the side of the face.
  2. Use the same brush or your fingers to dab blush on the apples of the cheeks, blending out toward the ears.

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