The Best Tips From YouTuber Brad Mondo That Will Transform Your Hair Game

Brad Mondo is known on YouTube for his "Hairdresser Reacts To" videos, where he watches other internet personalities doing things like bleaching or cutting their hair at home and lets you know what he would do differently so you can make sure to not repeat the same mistakes.

Another awesome part of his channel are his hair tutorials, which are packed with tips and tutorials on how to properly take care of and style your hair at home. We've rounded up some of his best hair tutorials so you can learn everything from how to give yourself a great-looking blowout to how to wash your hair.

Check out Mondo's best hair tips and tutorials ahead.

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Hairstyles You Can Do With a Flat Iron

In addition to teaching you the best way to straighten your hair with a flat iron, Mondo goes into every other texture you can create with the tool. From curls to waves, he explains it all. He even teaches you to create volume at the root of your hair with the tool and explains how to alter the techniques for short hair.

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How to Properly Wash Your Hair

Think about it; does your hair ever feel as clean as when a hairstylist washes it? That's because they're professionals who know exactly what to do. You might think you have washing your hair down, but Mondo reveals in this video what temperature to use, what to do with your fingers, and how much shampoo to use.

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How to Use Hot Rollers

If you've ever looked at a hot roller set and thought, "I have no idea what to do with those," this video is for you. The hair tool can be used for modern hairstyles if you know exactly how to use them. Mondo explains that he frequently uses rollers on his clients to give their hair volume and body before styling it with other tools.

Mondo shows viewers how to section their hair to put rollers in and to tuck in the ends of the hair to avoid getting hooks. Another great trick? He shows the exact angle you need to hold the sections of hair in to get volume and curl.

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How to Make a Wig Look Natural

Considering that wigs are more popular than ever, this tutorial is as useful as it is fascinating. Mondo goes over what looks unnatural about the wig he has and how to fix it. He shows his viewers to look out for things like the hairline, ends looking too thick, and if the wig has a part.

According to Mondo, you can use a fabric steamer to reform the wig into the position you'd like it to lie in and to smooth it out. He also shows how to use a razor to thin out the hair around the face and ends and create layers in the wig. To make the wig look even more natural, he creates baby hairs around the hairline and sprays dry shampoo on it to make the synthetic hair look less less plastic.

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How to Give Yourself a Blowout at Home

One of the best parts of getting your hair cut is the blowout at the end. Mondo goes through all of the tools and techniques you'll need to perfect this skill at home. He recommends adding a smoothing product to your hair and a serum to your ends before blowing it out to eliminate frizz.

Mondo instructs that you should wait until your hair is 80 to 90 percent dry for you to start blow-drying your hair. He shows you how to first rough-dry your hair, section it, and smooth it out with a round brush.